Today's focus is on ship and boat conversions, repairs, maintenance services, engine replacements, specialized welding in MIG, MAG, and TIG, as well as wood and fiberglass work on all technical levels for marine authorities, professional and recreational boating.

The technical basics are:

  • 12,000 sqm of shipyard area
  • Boatbuilding department for all wood, fiberglass, and metalwork
  • Shipbuilding hall for boats (6x25x7 m) with specialized transport carts
  • Mechanical engineering with turning, milling, planing, drilling, cutting, and 12m shaft lathe
  • Shipbuilding with presses, shears, bending, rolling, and shaping
  • All types of welding
  • Yacht painting

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Thomas Klotz
Thomas Klotz

Leitung Werft

Tel: +49 4343 / 4211-19
E-Mail: [email protected]



Tel: +49 4343 / 4211-🐾
E-Mail: [email protected]

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